Child Care Payments

Consider scheduling a recurring electronic payment to Covenant Child Care for your monthly fee.

It is easy and you will no longer need to write check and prepare envelopes when making your payment:

Even when you are out of town, ill or other circumstances prevent you from stopping by and paying your fees; your electronic payment will continue to be received on an uninterrupted basis, keep’s you on track with your payments and prevents late payment fees.

Most banks in the area offer Online Banking for their customers.

You do not have to give your banking information to anyone to establish automatic payment. You can setup a recurring payment for your convenience by setting the amount and date you want this payment to be mailed to Covenant Child Care.

Log into the website of your bank. Click on the link Banking Online or Bill Paying and follow the instructions to add a person or vendor to pay.
The Money will be deducted from your account and mailed to Covenant Child Care, 2004 Dock Landing Road, Chesapeake VA 23321.

The money will not be deducted from your account until it is deposited by Covenant Child Care. This could take 3 to 5 business days depending on the bank you have your account with.

You may have to change the amount as a onetime change if you have additional fees to pay such as early AM fees or you may pay the additional fees by check or cash as you have done in the past.